Connect2 App for Windows PC Free Download

Connect2+ for PC | Connect2 App for Windows PC: Lenovo Connect2 App for PC is a file sharing app by Lenovo which provides ultra-fast sharing between phones and PCs. The Lenovo Connect2 Application is the latest and the fastest file sharing app in the market made by Connect2 Lenovo app for pc. After a huge response from the Lenovo shareit for PC, Lenovo planned to launched connect 2 for pc. It also houses some of the new features like SYNCit, etc. Connect2 App performs sharing with no internet connection and with no cable. You can copy photos, music, videos or any files between your phone and PC with Connect2 Lenovo. It has a quick sync feature that instantly connects your devices so that sharing becomes simple and fast.

Connect2 App for Windows

Connect2+ App for Windows

With Connect2 for PC Windows transferring huge files is quick and easy. The only thing to remember is that both the phone and PC should be WiFi enabled. Connect2 for Windows works fine with all Windows and Android devices on both Windows App and the Android App. The pairing is a one time process, you can pair your PC and phone with a QR Code, and in future, the devices will connect automatically when brought nearby.

Connect2 App for Windows – Features

  • Transfer huge files quickly and easily
  • Share photos, videos, music or any files
  • Automatically connects nearby devices
  • Works with all platforms Windows, Android and iOS
  • Manage photos and videos of your phone from PC
  • Pairing is a one-time process
  • Chat using Connect2+ Lenovo.

Download Connect 2 for PC

Click the link below to Download Connect2 App for Windows

Download Connect2 App for Windows

Connect 2 App for Windows – Screenshots

Screenshot of Connect2 App for Windows

Screenshot of Connect 2 App for Windows

Screenshot of Connect2 App for Windows

Screenshot of Connect 2 App for Windows

Screenshot of Connect2 App for Windows

Screenshot of Connect 2 for Windows

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