Connect2 Lenovo App For Android and Windows PC

What is Connect2 Lenovo App:

Connect2 Lenovo App is a free app that enables your PC and your phone to work together as a one. Connect2 Lenovo App wirelessly connects your devices, no network required for connect2. Connect2 App can copy photos, videos or documents from your device to device. Connect2 App Has a feature to automatically connect your devices so that you can immediately start moving content between them.

No Wires, No Internet, No Problem.

Connect2 Lenovo App For Android and Windows PC

Features of Connect2:

Auto Connect:

Automatically connects your phone to your PC whenever they’re in nearness.


Connect2 Lenovo App

Content Shift:

Moves documents, photos and videos between your PC and phone, or between two PCs, with one interface.

Connect2 Lenovo App

Free Up Storage:

You can get your photos are backed up, and your phone saves a lot of space by transferring files between your phone and PC.

With Connect2 Lenovo app you can simply unite your phone and PC by wirelessly ‘pairing’ them once, and doing once is enough, they will automatically connect when in nearby. It’s faster, easier and more secure than using cloud storage, and there are no data charges.

Download Connect2 Lenovo App:

Click the link below to download Connect2 For Windows

Connect2 Lenovo App


Click the link below to download Connect2 For Android

Connect2 Lenovo App

Requirements to Install Connect2:

Both Your phone and PC must have WiFi enabled. Just like SHAREit, Connect2 works across Windows & Android devices, with both a Windows app and an Android app.

Special notes:

Lenovo Connect2 App is NOT a replacement for SHAREit App. Connect2 Lenovo is a new app with an another focus. If you wish to continue SHAREit, please visit to download the Windows PC SHAREit app.
1. Connect2 Lenovo App supports Android 4.4 and higher.
2. Connect2 Lenovo App does not support iOS devices at this time.

Screenshots of Connect2 Lenovo:

Screenshot of Connect2 App for Android:

Connect2 Lenovo App

Screenshot of Connect2 App for Windows PC:

Connect2 Lenovo App

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